Company Vision Statement


Generate a company vision statement that includes:

Introduction: "Our vision is to [insert your vision statement, such as 'change the world', 'disrupt the industry', or 'transform lives']. Values: We believe in [insert your first value, such as 'innovation', 'excellence', or 'integrity'], [insert your second value], and [insert your third value]. These values guide our actions and decisions as we work toward our vision. Call-to-Action: Join us as we work to [insert your vision statement in action, such as 'create a better future', 'inspire change', or 'make a difference']. Contact Information: Contact us by [insert your preferred method of contact, such as phone, email, or chat] at [insert your team's email address or phone number] if you want to learn more. Sign-off: Best regards, [insert your name]."
I am pitching a project to [insert company/organization name] and need to write a proposal. The project is focused on [insert project scope]. What are the key deliverables and timeline for the project? How will I ensure that the project meets their needs? Write a proposal that is concise and persuasive.


  1. “Generate a vision statement that encapsulates the purpose and direction of my company.”
  2. “Brainstorm some ideas for my company’s vision statement.”
  3. “What kind of impact do I want my company to have on the world?”
  4. “What values do I want my company to embody?”
  5. “What kind of culture do I want to create within my company?”
  6. “What kind of customers do I want to attract to my company?”
  7. “What kind of legacy do I want my company to leave behind?”
  8. “Refine my vision statement by inputting more specific prompts related to my company’s goals, values, and audience.”
  9. “Compare and contrast different versions of my vision statement to see which one resonates the most.”
  10. “Get feedback on my vision statement by inputting it into Chat GPT to evaluate its clarity, conciseness, and overall effectiveness.”