The Marketer’s Bible to ChatGPT

1000+ Ultimate ChatGPT Prompts To Copy, Paste & Fuel Your Business

Master ChatGPT

How to Use ChatGPT? NO. 1 AI Tool For Copywriters & Entrepreneurs

How to Make Money with ChatGPT

How to Master ChatGPT

13 Types of Prompts For ChatGPT

Fill-in-the-blank vs. Open-ended prompts

Crack How ChatGPT Works

General Business Toolkit

Researching Your Competitors

Creating a Business Plan

Writing Proposals for Clients

Company Vision Statement

Generating Business Ideas

Preparing to Pitch Investors

Hiring and Leadership

Writing a Meeting Summary

Email Marketing

Generating Email Subject Lines

Crafting a Sales Email

Writing an Onboarding Email

Writing A Cart Abandonment Email

Generating a Newsletter

Writing A Customer Welcome Email

Writing a Cold Email

Building an Online Funnel

Generating Product Ideas

Generating Online Funnel Ideas

Picking a Niche

Writing a Sales Page

Writing a Landing Page (For Opt-Ins or Webinar Registrations)

Writing an Order Bump Copy

Writing an Upsell Page

Writing a Thank You Page

Website & Ecommerce

Generating Product Descriptions

Writing an Advertorial

Optimizing Your Site for SEO

Creating Customer Testimonials

Translating Website Copy Into Different Languages

Designing CTAs

Affiliate Marketing

Writing Affiliate Product Reviews

Creating Affiliate Product Comparison Tables

Generating Affiliate Product Recommendations

Writing Affiliate Product Descriptions

Writing Affiliate Product Emails

Facebook Marketing

Creating Effective Facebook Ad Copy

Generating Ideas for Creatives

Writing Headlines for Facebook Ads

Writing Facebook ad video scripts

Creating Attention-Grabbing Images

A/B Testing Copy for Conversion

Researching Your Ideal Client’s Pain Points and Desires

Brainstorming New Angles for Creatives

YouTube Marketing

Writing a YouTube Video Script

Writing a YouTube Video Title

Writing an SEO Friendly YouTube Video Description

Writing a Youtube video ad script

Generating Ideas for Engaging YouTube Thumbnails

Customer Service

Developing a List of FAQs for Customers

Managing Communication With Clients

Responding to Comments From Potential Customers or Haters

Increasing Customer Retention

Surveying Your Customers

SMS Marketing

Writing SMS campaigns for promotions and sales

Crafting SMS opt-in campaigns for lead generation

Creating SMS reminders and follow-up messages for customers


Generating a List of Keywords

Crafting Compelling Blog Posts

Doing SEO Optimization

Creating a Content Calendar

Podcast Marketing

Generating Questions for Your Podcast Interview

Writing a Podcast Script

Podcast Guest Outreach


Optimizing an Effective LinkedIn Profile

Generating Ideas for LinkedIn Posts

Leveraging LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Content Strategy

Creating Ads For LinkedIn

Generating LinkedIn Hashtags

LinkedIn Automation


Optimizing Twitter Profile

Writing Tweets & Threads

Leveraging Twitter Trends

Creating Twitter Ads

Getting Your Tweets to Go Viral

Optimizing Twitter Growth

Social Media

Brainstorming topics for a webinar or workshop

Writing attention-grabbing headlines for social media posts

Designing Custom Graphics for Social Media Ads

Creating Visually Stunning Mood Boards for Instagram or Pinterest

Conducting Hashtag Research for Instagram to Reach a Wider Audience


Writing TikTok Ad Scripts

Researching Your Audience on TikTok

Generating Engaging TikTok Content Ideas

Copywriting Assistant

Improving Your Existing Copy

Identifying Your Unique Brand Voice

Writing Advanced Copywriting Prompts

Proofreading Your Copy

Free Copywriting Course

Free Copywriting Course for Beginners | How to Become a Copywriter

How To Get Copywriting Clients FAST | Copywriting For Beginners In 2023

What Is Copywriting? | The Beginner’s Guide to Copywriting

3 Copywriting Exercises That You Can Start Doing “Write” Now | Copywriting For Beginners

Email Marketing Tutorial for 2023 | Free Full Copywriting Course for Beginners

Free Sales Copywriting Course for Beginners: Write Sales Copy That Converts in 2022

How to Start Copywriting with NO Experience [7 Copywriting Tips for Beginners]

How to Become A Copywriter – For Beginners [My $500K Copywriting Success Story]

How to Write Facebook Ad Copy That Converts [Free Copywriting Course for Beginners]

Content Writing Tutorial For Beginners [How to Become a Copywriter]

How to Become a Copywriter: 5 Copywriting Exercises to Write Better Sales Copy

5 Reasons Freelance Copywriting is NOT For You

Email Marketing Tutorial: How to Write Email Subject Lines



The power of micro-messages

Optimize your profile

Boost brand engagement

Craft compelling brand stories

Maximize audience engagement

Convert conversations into business opportunities

Build your brand voice

Tap into trends

Pro tips to optimize engagement

Build an online community