Creating Effective Facebook Ad Copy


Write me 3 Facebook ad copies based on this landing page:
[Copy and paste the landing page text].
Can you provide examples of effective ad copy to promote [product] for [audience]? Make sure they are [persuasive/playful/emotional] and mention these benefits:
[Benefit 1]
[Benefit 2]
[Benefit 3]
Finish with a call to action saying [CTA]. Add 3 emojis to it.
Brainstorm 20 compelling headlines for a Facebook ad promoting [product] for [audience].
I am creating an ad campaign for [product/service] and need help writing copy that will grab the attention of potential customers. Can you help me come up with headlines and body copy that will persuade them to make a purchase?
What are 20 possible audiences on Facebook who could be interested in [product]?