Generating Ideas for Creatives


Prompt 1: What kind of images would work to promote [product]?

Prompt 2: List the adjectives of [the image or scene you chose].

Prompt 3: Describe in detail [the image or scene you chose].

Input all that information into an AI Art Generator like Dall-E or Midjourney.


  1. “Can you suggest some unique and eye-catching images that could grab the attention of my target audience?”
  2. “What are some creative ways to visually represent the benefits of my product/service in an advertisement?”
  3. “How can I use images to convey a specific emotion or feeling that resonates with my target audience?”
  4. “Can you help me come up with a visual concept that aligns with my brand’s values and messaging?”
  5. “What kind of visual storytelling techniques can I use to make my advertisement more engaging and memorable?”
  6. “Can you suggest some trending graphic design styles that could work well for my advertisement?”
  7. “How can I use color psychology to create an advertisement that resonates with my target audience and drives conversions?”
  8. “Can you help me create a visual narrative that tells a story and connects with my target audience on a deeper level?”
  9. “How can I incorporate user-generated content or social proof into my advertisement visuals to boost credibility?”
  10. “What kind of visual metaphors or symbols could I use to create a powerful and memorable advertisement?”