Generating Online Funnel Ideas


What can be the steps of an online funnel that sells a [price point] [type of product] for [niche]?
Describe how can I sell [product] using an online funnel.
How can I improve this funnel in order to increase sales: [describe current funnel].


  1. “Can you explain an online funnel to sell [type of product] in simple terms?”
  2. “What should I consider to sell a [price] [type of product] using an online funnel?”
  3. “What is the strategy to sell a [product] with online funnels?”
  4. “What are the specific steps to sell a [product] using online funnels?”
  5. “What would be the best funnel type to sell [product]?”
  6. “What do you think it’s best to sell [product] using an online funnel?

Option A: [Type of funnel] Option B: [Type of funnel]”

  1. “Can you suggest three different types of online funnels I could use to sell [product]?”
  2. “What are some unique and effective online funnel ideas I can use to sell [product] to [niche]?”
  3. “Can you provide me with three examples of online funnels that are well-suited for selling a [product] to [niche]?”
  4. “What can be the steps of an online funnel that sells a $2000 mastermind for amazon FDA sellers?”