Identifying Your Unique Brand Voice


Prompt 1: Analyze the following text for tone of voice and style. Apply that exact style and tone of voice to all your future responses

Prompt 2: Add more [humor/statistics/shorter sentences/questions/playfulness].
List the adjectives you would use to describe the tone of voice and style of this text:

Apply that exact style and tone of voice to write [new text].


  1. “What are the key characteristics of this writing style: .”
  2. “Can you help me identify any common phrases or expressions that I tend to use in my writing? .”
  3. . How does my writing style compare to other writers in my niche or industry?”
  4. “What emotions or feelings does this writing tend to evoke in readers? .”
  5. . Can you provide examples of my writing that demonstrate my unique tone of voice and style?”
  6. “What are some strengths and weaknesses of this writing style, and how can I improve? .”
  7. “How can I adapt this writing style for different audiences or purposes? .”
  8. “What do these writing choices (such as sentence structure, vocabulary, and tone) say about my personality and values? .”
  9. “Can you suggest ways to make this text more distinctive and memorable? .”
  10. “How can I ensure that this writing style is consistent across different types of content and platforms? .”