Optimizing Your Site for SEO


Generate a list of 10 keyword ideas on [topic].

Optional: Only suggest keywords that have high volume and low to medium competition.

Optional: Cluster this list of keywords according to funnel stages whether they are top of the funnel, middle of the funnel or bottom of the funnel keywords (based on previous search).
Provide a list of top 10 ranking blogs on the keyword [keyword]. Mention URL.
Suggest blog topic ideas for [topic] that can rank on Google.
Write a detailed blog outline on [topic] with H2, H3, subheading, and bullet points.
Provide a list of relevant topics related to [topic].
Who would be the top 3 audiences most interested audiences on [topic] to target on Google?
Provide 10 long tail keywords related to [topic]. Match each keyword with any of the 4 types of search intent.
Help me generate ‘how-to schema markup’ for the following steps on [topic]. Pin down your target audience, Choose a Topic, Research Keywords
Help me write a structured data markup for [URL].
Help me perform sentiment analysis for the following content [content].
Write an HTML code for FAQ Page Schema Markup for the following question and answer. [question] [answer].
Write user-friendly URLs for this keyword on the domain for the following keywords - [keywords].
List the target audience with personal details for the keyword [keyword].