Picking a Niche


List 3 potential niches interested in buying [product].
Tell me the growing niches for [business type].
I want to sell [product]. It helps [describe what it goes]. Brainstorm 10 possible markets that would require this solution.


  1. “Can you suggest 10 niches that are suitable for starting a new business?”
  2. “What are the top 10 growing niches for entrepreneurs in 2023?”
  3. “I’m looking to start a new business, what are the most promising niches right now?”
  4. “Can you help me find 10 profitable niches to start a new business in?”
  5. “I’m looking to get into a new market, what are the top 10 niches to consider?”
  6. “What are the 10 most untapped niches for starting a new business in 2023?”
  7. “Can you provide me with a list of 10 niche ideas for a new business opportunity?”
  8. “What are the 10 hottest niches for starting a new business in the next 5 years?”
  9. “I’m in the early stages of starting a new business, what are 10 niches that are currently growing?”
  10. “Can you give me 10 niche ideas for starting a new business that have potential for high growth?”
  11. “What could be 3 potential niches for selling a skincare product?”
  12. “What are growing niches for online coaches?”