Writing Advanced Copywriting Prompts


Using the PAS copywriting formula, create a 500 word landing page that persuades potential buyers to purchase [product]. Use scarcity by saying you only have 3 units left, and include a short story about how one client went from [state a] to [state b].
Use the 5 Basic Objections framework to write a product description for [product] that helps [ideal client] achieve [dream outcome]. Address these common objections of a potential customer:
[Objection 1]
[Objection 2]
[Objection 3]
[Objection 4]
[Objection 5]

Finish by listing all the negative consequences of not taking action now.
Write a 5-step soap opera email sequence about how attending [event] will change [ideal customer] life. Include these benefits:
[Benefit 1]
[Benefit 2]
[Benefit 3]
These pain points:
[Pain point 1]
[Pain point 2]
[Pain point 3]
And these testimonials:
[Testimonial 1]
[Testimonial 2]
[Testimonial 3]

Increase the urgency of signing up for the [event] progressively, starting with very little on email 1 and a lot on email 5. On email 5, include a final guarantee saying that if they attend, you will give them [bonus].
Use the AIDA copywriting framework to grab the attention of [ideal customer] and persuade them to [call to action]. Start with a question to get their attention, present statistics that shows how bad [problem] is, state these 3 benefits about our product [benefit 1], [benefit 2], benefit 3], and ask for [call to action].
Write a webinar script using the 'PASTOR' framework to address the pain points of [ideal customer] and present my [product] as the solution. Identify the problem they are facing, amplify the consequences of not solving it, tell this story related to the problem [story], include these testimonials from happy customers [testimonials], present our offer, and ask for a purchase.
Write a webinar script using the perfect webinar formula by Russell Brunson. Promote a 8 week coaching program on [topic] that will help [ideal client] get out of [pain points] and achieve [URL]. Mention that the one thing to achieve all their dreams is [unique mechanism], and that the only way to access it is by [call to action].